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4 Reasons Why You Still Need Road Assistance

01 December

Sometimes, it can seem tempting to drop roadside assistance to save some money. However, you never know when you’ll really need assistance during an emergency. Here are some things that can happen to anyone no matter how new or well maintained your vehicle is, which will make you appreciate your roadside assistance. You might lock […]

How To Have A Well-Kept Windscreen

20 November

Many of us don’t give much thought to our car windscreens until they get chipped or cracked and need replacing. But it’s important to take care of this vital component of your vehicle, and you should do a bit more than giving it a weekly wipe down when you wash your car. Make sure it’s […]

Tyre Safety Tips for Winter Driving

19 November

Driving in winter can be quite challenging. Breaking and turning are the hardest parts because the roads are icy and slippery. To avoid the risks of skidding and accidents, you need to take good care of your vehicle tyres. Here are five tyre safety tips for winter driving. Tread Depth You should be mindful of […]

Good Fluid Levels Can Save A Car

18 November

Fluids are very important for a vehicle to operate safely. Those who are not car savvy may ask what fluids are the most important. The answer is, truthfully, all of them. Yet, certain fluids are overlooked and unexpected damage results. In some cases, the damage may be so severe the vehicle is destined for a […]